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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Top 9 Mistakes to Avoid When Brushing Your Teeth

A smile is a very valuable asset when conducting business, networking, and interacting with new people, therefore its, very important to taking care of your teeth. Our teeth should be brushed at least twice per day, but brushing teeth correctly is much more than just scrubbing and rinsing.
Timothy Chase, D.M.D who is a well known cosmetic dentist from the City of New York says these are some of the common mistakes that people usually make:

1. Using the incorrect toothbrush.

Often times, persons brush with the wrong toothbrush. All toothbrush bristles are rated; extra soft, soft, medium and hard. “Hard and medium bristles should not be used to brush teeth, says chase. “I’ve seen vast amount tooth and gum damages which were caused by brushes that were much too hard for the gum. Just imagine that you’re try to get dust out of a corner with a broom, a stiff broom would scrape the surface of the wall however, a softer broom would remove the dust easily by taking the shape of the corner” He added. This scenario is much similar to brushing your teeth.     

2. Brushing with an old toothbrush 

It’s very important to change your toothbrush regularly (every three months), whether you brush with a regular toothbrush or an electronic one (replace the head). Just monitor the bristles, as soon as they begin to look out of shape or feel too soft you should change it or (at least retire it to cleaning shoes). 

3. Not going in circles
If you visit the dentist regularly you will definitely here this ever time: your teeth should be brushed in small circular motions. Brushing too hard may damage or ruin your enamel, therefore use minimum force as possible to remove all leftover food debris
"Most people typically brush their teeth in back and forth motion or sawing motion, which usually damages the gums and tooth abrasion. Consequently, this leads to root exposure and tooth sensitivity," Chase implied. 

4. The use of whitening toothpaste

“Whitening toothpaste does not produce great results” Chase added. “It’s best to use a tooth paste that fights cavity when brushing, then use white strips and trays to help strengthen  teeth to prevent cavities.”

5. Forgetting to brush your tongue

The tongue usually contains bacteria, which, if you not brushed properly leads to tooth decay and bad breath.
* Recommendation: ensure you scrape the surface of your tongue in a forward motion. All bacteria on the tongue will be removed before you complete your brushing.  

6. Failing to floss
“Brushing is only 60% of the job,” stated Chase. Flossing makes up the other 40%, therefore, it is important to floss daily. The ADA (American Dental Association) says flossing before you brush is much more effective, the fluoride from the toothpaste has a greater chance of reaching in between the teeth and removing cavity. Best advice is to floss before and after brushing.   


7. The wrong mouth brush
Using a mouth wash is not really required, you only need to use it if you like it. Chase recommends “Listerine Zero” solely because its alcohol free. Additionally, In order for the mouth to clean it’self saliva is needed alcohol however, dries out the mouth.

*Important: Check with your pediatric dentist first before making your children rinse with fluoride mouthwash.    

8. Not brushing for long enough (two minutes).
When brushing your teeth, it’s always important to take sufficient time (2 minutes) to brush completely. Simply time yourself with a stop watch or a timer, moreover some electronic toothbrushes have timers therefore, they stop after two or more minutes.

9. Failing to purchase an electric toothbrush

Your teeth is very important, therefore brushing with a quality tooth brush is essential. An electronic tooth brush is recommended, says Chase. It does all of the work and it doesn’t overpower your teeth and damage your enamel. “You should brush with a high quality electronic toothbrush and not the disposable electronic ones with bristles that are too hard,” He added.

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