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Saturday, 12 July 2014

6 Simple Workout Mistakes

 Sometimes the simplest mistakes can affect your work out routine here are 6 simple mistakes you can try to avoid during your work out: 

1. Stretching before your workout
Most people usually stretch before they workout or go jogging, but stretching after your work is much more important. It is recommended that you use moving stretches or dynamic movements that are similar to the activities you are about to engage in. The best stretching routine for walking is ankle rocks and for running leg swings across the body.
2. Forgetting to Stretch After Your Workout
Most individuals usually complete their workout routine with crunches and then head to the changing room. It’s important to release the tension that has been placed on your muscles during your workout and return them to a relaxed state.

 Stretching the body’s main muscle groups such as; the outer thighs, shoulders, ankles, chest and hip flexors after a workout is very essential, as this does not only improve blood circulation that minimizes muscle soreness, but also improve body posture and alignment.  

3. Reading while using the treadmill 

Everyone has limited free time on their hands, however unless you are planning to walk for an extended period of time, it’s best to focus on your walking workout and read your book some other time.
I understand that sometimes the treadmill can be very boring, but try for alternating intervals of fast and slow or inclines and flats this will make your workout more interesting. Just focus and work hard it will definitely pay off: it is also important to remember that exercising vigorously on the treadmill for 10 or 15 minutes can produce the same results as walking slowly for 30 minutes.

4. Drinking cold water during workout
We are all aware of the importance of hydrating before a workout and re-hydrating during and after a workout – but what many people may not know is that water at room temperature hydrates the body much better than ice or cold water. 

Human beings have to warm the water to absorb it, so even though the cold water may feel quenching, the body does take a longer time to utilize it. Adding a small amount of salt to your water bottle can help to replace any electrolytes the body lost from sweating during your workout.

5. Being too consistent 
Even though creating a workout routine may give more confidence in the gym, it is important to change things up, working out the same way and doing the same movement patterns on a consistent basis, will over time slow down the muscle building and calorie burn process.
Our bodies are very smart and tend to adapt to situations after a while, so if you continue to do the same routine over and over the body will utilize the least amount of energy possible to perform the same movement, thus slowing down the process of calorie burning. 

If you are a walker, increasing your speed and incline, or changing your route, can be enough to keep the body guessing. If you do weight training you can try a variation of different exercises that focuses on the same group of muscles. The human body typically has a 6 to 8 week learning curve, therefore if you don't like changes make your workout cycles every two to three months to achieve the desired results.  

6. Working out Every Day 
Everyone needs a day off even the queen of England! The body genuinely needs time to rest, recover and rebuild. If you are an exercise addict just remember the importance of resting to give your muscles time to rebuild and muscle soreness and tears time to heal. Change the intensity or just stretch on the seventh day of workouts. Yoga can also be implemented in your routine.

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