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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Top 5 Most Common Health Mistakes to Avoid

While learning to eat healthy and correctly people tend go through many different phases. My first phase was always choosing a fast food diner that made my favorite sandwiches fresh and on the spot while I am looking. Another step was switching from cola sodas to sodas which contained lemon- lime flavors, solely because; my thirst had become the master and I had to obey it. It wasn’t until after I was admitted in the hospital a few times and diagnosed with multiple kidney infections, that I made some changes and gave up drinking sodas altogether, it then started drinking store bought fruit juices.
As time went by and the more I learn, the more I started to realize how easy it was to live a healthier lifestyle.
Sometimes humans tend to make things seem much more complicated than they actually are. Often times we aim for “healthier” when we should be aiming for a “healthy”.

Here are some of the common mistakes us so called “health fanatic” usually make which are probably hindering us from achieving the level of health and vitality that we often dream of:

1. We rely on to many Supplements

I am not saying that some supplements aren’t great and essential for the body. There individuals who cannot get the required nutrient from food. There persons who live miles away from a farmer’s market and they don’t engage in any type of farming activities at all. Then, there are people who are very ill and depend highly on the nutrients that supplements offer.    
I’ve always noticed that, people usually turn to supplements thinking it’s a quick fix. I am very experienced and I know tricks. If I have migraine I know how to stop it instantly. If someone has nausea or acid indigestion, I can share remedies that alleviate the problem immediately.
I have remedies for even insomnia, which works even better that some of these prescription drugs with lots of side effects.
I can stop even the common cold or flu before someone even realized they had the symptoms.
But sadly these “remedies” do not solve what caused the problem initially. Natural cures that fail to address the cause of a condition or illness typically have a very important side effect which might be overlooked. These remedies usually mask the symptoms of the problem, thus allowing us to believe that everything is OK, as we continue living a toxic and unhealthy life style with long term health issues.   
The corner stone of health comes from the food one intakes; therefore, supplements should only be used to supplement one’s diet and not to replace it.

2. Eating Too Much Organic Junk Food
Don’t be fool by product labels, oh please! Not because the label says; natural or vegan it is actually as healthy as might think. I understand that prepackaged foods are very convenient and they have certain allure, therefore letting go of your favorite’s all natural “Cheese doodles” snack might be hard.   
In order to achieve the benefits of a full healthy life, refined foods, prepackaged foods and “snack” foods should be a severely limited part of your diet. In the past, I used to part take in all kinds of all natural snack bars, organic chips and soda, sugar free sodas and other vegan products. Now I’ve eliminated all processed foods and transformed my diet completely to healthier staples such as; dry beans, lentils, brown rice and quinoa.
If I attend special events like the movies I may eat a little junk food or some organic snacks, but the difference is that I don’t do it on a regular basis.     

3. Too Much Sugar in your diet

Usually most health nuts find it very difficult to give up sugar. I am referring to juice from sugar cane, nectar, agave syrup and all other natural sweetener that you have grown to love. Save stevia also contains refined sugars which should be avoid mainly because refine sugar contributes to the development of bacteria, Candida, viruses, other fungi and every other parasites that effects the human body. These parasites also play a major role in the development of life threatening health conditions such as; diabetes, cancer and all other ailments which sugar can be associated with (majority of the illness humans suffer from).

Please remember that “Sugar Is Sugar!”
Sometimes when we are suffering from allergies, or plagued with just a single health issue for a long period of time just eliminating all refined sugars from your diet for a week or two might correct the problem. Many people are amazed sometimes when they realize that agave nectar or other refined sugars were hindering them from overcoming those seasonal allergy flare-ups or and other common illnesses.   

4. Eating out too often
Most of us Americans love to eat out. I’m not going to lie I used to love going out to eat, relaxing with friends and enjoying myself, not worrying about cooking.

The difference between then and now is that there are quite a lot of good healthier restaurants to choose from but even the healthiest restaurants produce unhealthy foods. Only 1/3 one third of the food some of these so called “healthy restaurants” prepare are actually healthy. I have come to realize that the more “me time” I spend to slow down and cook for myself and my family the better and healthier the meal is. Because of this, even the 10 star ratings healthy restaurants typically disappoint me. There are several reasons why restaurants cannot prepare healthy nutrient filled meals as you at home.
Best advices just treat your-self occasionally at a health food restaurant and avoid the conventional ones.

5. Too Much Juicing
As stated earlier “Sugar Is Sugar!” therefore, all the juices and smoothies falls under the category of sugar. Fruits and vegetables usually lose a lot of its nutrients and fiber when they are juiced. Fibers helps to slow down the absorption of sugar is also lost.
In case this when you juice you are actually refining your own produce into simple sugar.
Everything in life has its place and so does juicing regularly. If your juice produce best advice is to use very little sugar as possible this way you will get much more nutrition in to the body at once. This also works out well for persons who are too sick to digest whole foods.
Of course I do juicing occasionally. I usually do turmeric and ginger shots two times weekly.  Carrots, kale, beet roots are some of my favorite juices’. I love juice but, the difference is that   it’s not a staple (I only use staples if I am detoxifying). Whole, unadulterated produce is my staple and I think everyone should try it.

Living the perfect healthier life takes patience, a lot of dedication and most of all discipline. People should invest time and effort into healthy living because of the long term benefits it presents.
I hope you consider some of these mistakes as you take your next towards a healthier life style.

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