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Sunday, 20 July 2014

10 Social Media Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Career

Social media has now become the bench mark of interacting, networking, sharing and exchanging customs, belief, news and cultures between people from nations.  Nearly everyone across the globe has a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. Photos, videos, status updates, tweets and information about their social life are shared on regularly over the internet. But is it possible for your career to be destroyed by social media posts?
It’s very important for individuals to exercise caution when posting over the internet. Especially, current employee and persons who recently left graduated from university or college as, some social media posts can do more harm than good to their career.

We interviewed a few social media professionals and business owners and asked what type of social media posts could have a negative impact on a person’s job search or even caused termination from a job position.

Here are ten social media mistakes experts say you should avoid: 

Illegal activities
Never post any illegal activities on your social media profile. “We had a very talented individual working for our company for over two years. However, one of his social media profile was brought our attention, which turned out to have a lot illegal activities, therefore we had to terminate is contract” said Kindra Svendsen, digital marketing/PR specialist, from Creative Space.  

Profanity and Drinking
“Having a few unflattering pictures on your social media profile, maybe a couple of them unknowingly, but if an applicant has a social profile photo online with them doing a keg stand or flipping of the camera, then there is a strong possibility that his/her application won’t be successful.” Said Lauren Witte – The Director of client services and marketing at Jackson White P.C. 

Poor Grammar
"In my view, poor grammar implies a great degree of disregard for detail." – Quoted Jessica Green, who is the founding director, Cursive PR

Lying about your experience and background information
"I‘ve found resumes of persons on other social media sources which, differs completely from the resume on their LinkedIn profiles. This could be seen as lying. In business trust is important, therefore, if there is no proper foundation of trust then moving forward to the next stage will be hopeless.” – Said MicheleJennae, the founder and educator of Perpetual Career Institute 
Nude Pictures
"The most outrageous social media profiles I’ve stumbled upon were that of students seeking internships. Some of the profiles contained vast amounts of profanity, one profile even had a photos that where too revealing (nude photos). I love people with loads of self confidence, but when seeking team leaders and team players, I definitely would not want to get into any scenarios with improper dressing and big egos.” AddedAmanda Forbes Mestdagh, APR

Lying and calling sick
"Posting Photos of yourself at a football game when you called in the earlier in the day hacking and coughing, pretending to be ill is a risky move unless you want to be fired or written up by your supervisor." Said Kimberli A. Taylor, Paralegal & Office Manager. Conover & Grebe 

Complaining about your current job
“One of the biggest social media mistakes a current employee could ever make is posting   complaints about their company, sharing information about job interviews or their current job hunt." Said Angela Baldwin,social media strategis of Near Me

Bashing your past employers
"The worst things to find on the social media profile of a job applicant are negative comments and post about their current or previous employer. It is important for potential employees to ensure they remain positive or better yet post nothing at all about their company." Said John Mahony, COO, at Kavaliro

Sharing company secrets
"Sharing company‘s trade secrets and internal affairs on social media is one of the worst mistakes a current employee can ever make. An organization is built upon the trust that staff members will adhere to the rules and guidelines prescribed. Companies should always ensure that employees are aware of the rules and guidelines." Said Brandon Harig, social media communitydirector at Agency 720

Hateful comments
"I’m a very open-minded individual, but if I see anything, hateful and discriminative towards another race, sexual orientation or beliefs, I tend not to move forward with that applicant." Added Kisha Mays, who is the principal owner of Just Fearless

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