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Sunday, 13 July 2014

6 Simple Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

It's every woman’s desire to look fabulous however, sometimes just the simplest makeup mistake can spoil your beauty for a day. Here are 6 simple makeup mistakes that females make up a regular basis:  

 1: Wearing the wrong foundation shade

Many females believe that a foundation shade is suppose to give their skin a bit of tan but according to famous makeup artist Patel it should not, that’s what bronzers are for.

A foundation shade is supposed to create a perfect smooth complexion and hide or cover- up all imperfections on your skin. Best advice is to use a foundation shade that blends’ well with your actual skin tone. Additionally, Petal’s recommendation is that you test the shade on your jawline and definitely not on your hand before purchasing, it’s best to ask for a sample when possible. This way you can take it home and try it first to see if it looks natural or matches the tone of your skin in various lighting situations before buying.   

Confession: Several light- skinned female celebrities confess that because of their current skin tone, they are always trying to look more tanned. One celebrity who I interview also stated that “sometimes I pick a foundation shade that is a little bit darker than my actually skin complexion, which definitely leads to my neck and face being two completely different shades. I think it's time to embrace my natural coloring. Who wants to look like Snooki anyway, right?"

2: Applying makeup on dry, flaky skin

 The results of slathering on foundation over chapped skin in my view may very much be described as “horrific”. What most women do not know is that foundation will place great emphasis on the flakes by staying on top of them rather than blending in with their skin tone.

The dryness however, can be fixed by frequent exfoliation (get rid of flakes or dead skin), this should also be followed up with moisturizer. The smoother the skin is the smoother and easier it is to apply makeup resulting in the desired look.  

 Confession: “I am in my early thirties and honestly I don’t exfoliate my skin very often.  Although many expert makeup artists suggest that I exfoliate at least one to two times per week, it’s a “miracle” if I do it at least once per month. Consequently, I've fallen prey to applying makeup on too-dry skin – therefore, I end up looking less than cute.”  

 Best advice; just take a few minutes to exfoliate at least twice per week just before sleeping.     

3: Trying to "plump" your lips

Most females have probably, heard, or tried the art of lining just the outer section of your natural lip line because you want your lips to look a bit bigger. I guess many of you have found out that this is much easier said than done. Just a simplest of mistakes and you’ll definitely look like Pamela Anderson Circa 1993. If you’re going to attempt lip plump best advice is to use a lip liner with similar shade to that of your lipstick on the outer lip line, without passing over it. Additionally, it is important to fill your lips as well, in case your lipstick fades, you aren’t left with only a line around your mouth.  

4: Wearing blue eyeshadow

If you are a little girl in a dance recital, a guest at a 1970’s theme party or an ethereal looking supermodel then surely blue eyeshadow will work for you. If you’re not in any of those categories please don’t wear any blue eyeshadow it looks horrible. It might sound harsh but it’s not very attractive if you look like a clown.

5: Wearing an entire eye palette on your lids

Why do some females put so many different shades of eyeliners on their eyelid? Not because your compact comprises of five or more different colour's, it doesn’t mean you should use every color on your eyelid at once. Three shades should be your maximum: just put a medium one on your lids, a much lighter shade near to the bone of your brow and finally use a darker shade as a liner. 

6: Over-tweezing (or ignoring) your eyebrows

A well groomed eyebrow can enhance the eyes of a person and change their entire look. Always let a professional groom your eyebrows to give them the ideal shape. Even though, taming overgrown eye brows may enhance ones beauty, it is important not to tweeze too much. Why? As a person ages their eyebrow usually become sparser, therefore tweezing your brow too thin may result in them being unable to grow back 100%.  Recommendation, just focus on cleaning the area surrounding the brows and follow natural arches for the shape that suits you.

Now please avoid making these silly makeup mistakes, hope the information was help fully please share, like, comment and tweet if you found the information useful thank you.

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