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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

6 Ridiculous Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Author - Sarah Wilson

I’ve been single for almost two years. In the past I’ve always dated guy’s who turned out to be dishonest and cheaters, so I just decided to travel the single road. However, most of my friends are either married or in long term relationships, and they’ve always tried to hook me up with some so called “nice guy” who always turned out to be complete a*sholes. About two months ago while me and my girlfriends were having some drinks in a club, I was challenged to change my current status quo and in order to do that I needed joining a popular dating website. The rules were that I HAD TO accept all date invitations over the next couple of months.
About two months had passed and I’d already been on about 50 first days, the experience was so exhausting, I dated men between the ages of 22 to 50 years who had all kinds of different characteristic and personalities. 

Would you believe that out of the fifty first dates I only went on one second date, some the guy’s made some silly dating mistakes which you could say was totally understandable but majority of them were huge turn-offs.
Here are a few mistakes some of you guys should try to avoid if you want to score a second date:

1. No Plan
Women fall for guy’s who are good at making decisions, so it doesn’t matter how independent or feminist you assume your date to be always have a date plan. Make sure you have your plan prepared don’t arrange to meet at the Subway station and then ask “where do you want to go?” females hate that question. We just want to be taken to a someplace nice, after all that’s why I got all dressed up.     .
*Bonus tip if you say something like “I was thinking about taking you there, it’s very nice unless you had somewhere else you’d rather go?” you will surely be on the right track.

2. Stupid questions-“Why is a beautiful girl like you single?”
Men come on, this question is really dumb and played, like how many girls have you asked the same question? Women are not stupid, that question gives us all kinds of negative thoughts; “does this guy think I am DESPERATE for a boyfriend? It’s not like I am standing in order of attractiveness, waiting for the next available man to walk past. Some men tend to believe that life is the television show “TAKE ME OUT” and besides asking that question makes us wonder why the hell are YOU single, this may force us to draw all kinds of negative conclusions; “can this guy be trusted?”
We know sometimes that is your way of trying to pay us a compliment and that’s really nice, but it’s best to just say “you look fine.”

3. Telling a woman you’re nervous.
Admitting your nervous is a big HELL NO! The only time this should happen is in retrospect. If you are married for a couple of years hence, you’ve decided to host a dinner and invited all your other married friends over then you can definitely say “ The first time I took Candy out for dinner I was nervous as hell.” At that point everyone will be like; “Ahh that’s so sweet” because you’re already known and loved, but saying that on your first date sometimes can be weird.
4. Acting like you don’t give a damn  
It is not wise to behave like your “date” is utterly disposable or like this is something that you do nightly it is very unattractive. It doesn’t matter if dating is something you do regularly; making us women feel wanted, loved, cherished, special, unique is a huge step towards developing a healthy relationship.
Some of the things that will make a woman think that you aren’t interested in the date are; dressing inappropriately (wearing sportswear), yawning, playing with your phone and looking all over the place (easily distracted).  

5.  Talking about your ex/Asking about her ex
This is definitely not supposed to be done if you’re trying to score a second date “TALKING ABOUT YOUR EX”. Every dating manual, books, magazines, articles or even older folks have warn us against this silly mistake that you men make so much from I was a teenager. Avoid talking about your ex on the first date you may just end up missing the person even more, especially if you’ve just gone through a break up. 

6 *Playing with your phone
.Put. The. Phone. Away. PLEASE.

Men please avoid these mistakes if you want your date to be successful. 

- SMILE! – It doesn’t kill to smile most female finds smiling sexy  
- Always Insist on paying even if you can’t afford it -  we’ll feel like you’re interested and you’re having deeply loving feelings towards us and  
- Walk us to the train or bus station/put us in a taxi/in some way show that you really care and fear for our safety
- Text immediately after your home is important you can say “I had a lovely night did you enjoy yourself? - Even if it’s a lie.  

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