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Monday, 14 July 2014

Top 5 Cheating Mistakes Men Should Avoid

One of the dumbest things a man can do is cheat on their spouse and then gets caught. Men if you’re going to cheat then don’t leave evidence lying around and if you are not good in this area then don’t cheat at all just stick to one lover it’s much safer anyways. Throughout my life, I’ve heard some of the most ridiculous ways men were caught cheating. Some of these men have been with their partner for years but if they were smart they would have your cake and eating it too.
Here is a list of the dumbest cheating mistakes:

1. Unrestricted contact-
Why the hell would you give the persons you’re “shacking up with” your home phone number? Don’t give that chick anything but your cell phone number, unless you want some late night “drop calls” until your spouse answers the phone. Then there goes your f*cking relationship out the doors, don’t make this stupid mistake, best believe that heffa will call your girl to let her know where ‘Big Johnny” was last night.       

2. Silly texting.-
One of the dumbest ways a man can get caught cheating is from text messages or picture messages stored in their cell phone.
Why the hell would someone keep something in their phone that could destroy many years of hard work? Women today are very smart, they usually snoop when they notice changes especially if you’re clinged to your phone all the while. Don’t fall asleep with silly incriminating evidence in your phone! Press the DELETE BUTTON dumb ass!

3. Cheating in your home-
Men don’t ever disrespect the woman of your home by bringing some little tramp you’ve met to your crib. If you live with your boo then, never ever ever bring your test run their big mistake. I have made that dumb mistake in the pass and suffered, that trifling little b*tch left her “bra” at my house and my girl found it. These twenty first century women are really smart so letting “some chick” know where you and your lover lives is a big no no. The minute you’re ready to break it off and flee, this little tramp, will be in your living room telling your girl what you’ve been up to.

4- Total Dumbness-
Many amateur cheaters usually confuse the person their loving with the person their f*cking. This is a very popular and stupid mistake in my view. This has happened to a few of my friends in the past some have even called the wrong name from “Stacy to Tracy” LOL! Best advices don’t get too attached to “that chick” you might just end up making the same mistakes as my friends. 

5. Caught on the internet-
One of the easiest and fastest ways a person can get caught cheating is over the internet. The internet is the “son of the devil” it’s evil. With all these new dating and social media websites, it’s easy to be drawn into some kind of crap. If you’re a cheater be very careful of this sh*t, it’s inviting; there is a strong possibility that you will get caught. Most if not everything on the internet is open to the public.
I had a friend once who was dating a guy, my friend had a Facebook profile but the guy told her he had none. One day she decided to search for his name and guess what, the liar had a Facebook profile and his relationship status said “married”. That fool had a wife and kids.    
*My advice to you is; don’t cheat. I have been in the game for years and it’s not worth it if you found someone you’re happy with just try to be satisfied. If you can’t help cheating, well just be smart with it don’t make dumb mistakes that may cause you to lose that special someone. Most men always leaving some evidence of cheating so these tips might not help, but learn this; females today are very smart and even if she has not said anything she may already know you’re cheating.   

The reason she isn’t saying shit might be because she has decided to do her own thing….you will never know

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